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  Mineral Water - Carbonated/Still - 75cl   £2.70
  Cola / Diet Cola / Bitter Lemon / Lemonade / Orange / Pineapple / Cranberry Juice and Tomato Juice.   £1.20

  Tea per pot   £1.20
  Coffee   £1.90
  Filter coffee   £2.20
Oaxaca's Caffe   £1.65
Oaxaca's Latte   £1.75
  Hot Chocolate   £1.90



  Sol - A clear, smooth and refreshing lager.   £2.90
  San Miguel - Crisp and refreshing.   £2.90
  Corona Extra - Bright and refreshing.   £3.20
  Negra Modelo - A smooth dark beer.   £2.90
  Modelo Especial - A lager with a richer taste.   £3.20
  Victoria - Part way between a light lager and a dark beer.   £2.90
  Tecate - A light lager; stronger and sharper than Sol.   £2.90
  Mexicali - A golden colour with a distinguished flavour.   £2.90
  Bohemia - A light and yet rich lager.   £2.90
  XX - 'Dos Equis', a light lager.   £2.90
  XX - 'Dos Equis' ambar, a special light lager.   £3.20
Cobra - A rich, smooth, delicate beer with a delicate fruity aroma. Pale gold and zero-alcohol.   £2.70
Obolon - A Ukrainian premium zero- alcohol pale beer.   £2.70
Brood - A zero-alcohol malt beer from Beirut.   £2.70
Becks - A full, rich malt beer with zero-alcohol.   £2.70

House red or white  - 75cl  £10.30
 - half bottle   £5.70
 - by the glass   £2.50
House Champagne - dry, light and fruity.  £25.20
Bollinger -  Brut Special Cuvée.  £49.00

Jose Cuervo - Finest tequila, per shot.   £2.70
Mezcal - A more rustic type of tequila made from the Agave plant, per shot.   £2.90
Other spirits from   £2.20
Spirits with mixer from   £2.70


Patron Citronge - A zesty orange experience.   £2.70
Xanath - A smooth vanilla dream.   £2.80
Cafe Lolita - A smooth and delicious coffee flavour.   £2.70
Copa de Oro - A very tasty coffee.   £2.70
Sabroso - A dark, rich, sweet end to any meal made with highly roasted coffee beans.   £2.90
Kahlua - A very dark, intense, aromatic drink, slightly viscous with a spiritous lift.   £2.60
Damiana - A light sweetness made with aromatic damiana herbs.   £2.80
Kamora - A dark, sweet, intense, aromatic, rich confection.   £2.90

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